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As part of our Professional Growth and Development Program, the Language Department has compiled 20 online courses for category A instructors with the purpose of strengthening their pedagogical practice. Category A is acquired by registering with the Language Department, all the three Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) certificates with bands 3 or 4. These 20 courses are available through the EVA online platform where 2 courses are available per month.

Instructors who satisfactorily complete the 20 online courses will receive a certificate to acknowledge them as category B. Upon acquisition of this category, instructors will also receive a higher pay grade per session. Information regarding each course will be published prior to its beginning to allow registration through the online form.

The schedule for the courses is provided below. Instructors, who require a specific course, must consider the course schedule to enroll accordingly.

Course Date of publication
04 - Lesson Planning October 16th, 2014
05 - Rubrics November 3rd, 2014
06 - Interactive Teaching November 18th, 2014
07 - Cooperative Learning December 1st, 2014
08 - Working with Special Needs Students January 16th, 2015
09 - An image is worth more than a thousand words February 3rd, 2015
10 - Take advantage of holidays February 16th, 2015
11 - Multiple Intelligences March 2nd, 2015
12 - Developing competences March 17th, 2015
13 - Teaching through Games March 27th, 2015*
14 - How to use technology in classroom April 16th, 2015
15 - Phonetics May 4th, 2015
16 - Teaching High Frequency Words May 18th, 2015
17 - Teaching Listening June 1st, 2015
18 - Teaching Speaking June 16th, 2015
19 - Reading Comprehension July 1st, 2015
20 - Teaching Writing July 16th, 2015

*Will be made available before spring break.

If you want to register, the current electronic registration form is available for the Lesson Planning course which starts on October 16th, 2014. Registration deadline is October 14th, 2014.

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